November 28, 2014

Some more of the same...

Hi people, here's something part of the scouts project. I have been aiming about 6/7 images to do for a project and see if they read well all together. But work is stressful at this stage (dissertation) and have to find a balance to not flip out my nuts. Hopefully you understand whats going on in these, if NOT, tell me!!  You know, its nice to ear some advice. Btw i have been more active on tumblr lately, well I guess because its easier an the world looks like moving in that direction ;)



October 23, 2014

3 Years gonne like FLASH

Hi guys, here is something I've been working on. I never told you but I was a scout, well in fact I still am a scout (once you promise forever promised). And this idea had been sleeping since I moved up to England. Crazy 3 years PASSED.. And At the time friends from back home kept telling how nice it would be to have your chef and all the adventures we went through at that time illustrated or even animated.(animate it would be awesome but insane to!) Thought this would be a good time to throw it out.  So here is me trying stuff out and planning it a bit, you can just see the progression HERE

And some life drawing to your right

                   (this mature man is suppust to be my cheff)

October 11, 2014

Yoo guys, summer is over and uni started. its gonna be a scary year because its the last.. eheheh
Here is a bit of a colour script i had lying on my desktop from my pitch work and a PINK croc
Why not?! Big hug for you all

September 11, 2014


Yesterday though I should just draw on my lunch time and post it.
(What big lunch break I had ehehe)
To keep it going..

September 03, 2014

August 24, 2014

August 20, 2014


Hii Ladies and Gents, Je is back with a fresh post. Have been through jobs this summer, (which is artistic based!!) and this is some work for one of the jobs. Its for a Portuguese Magazine called Menscode. I know you are saying 'Why will I read it? I don't read or speak Portuguese!'. 
Well I guess you should start teaching yourself, because theres just reasons to with this new free online magazine. You will learn some tips and tricks to how to be a gentlemen. (ladies will be impressed). All this is a great work experience!!